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Meghan Markle’s Diet: How To Eat Like The Duchess

Meghan Markle has such a pleasant air about her that many fans wonder what she eats to stay so healthy and positive. Though she doesn’t stick to any specific diet, the actress does maintain a balanced diet that consists of plenty of fruits, vegetables, fibrous grains, and other healthy foods. She doesn’t overdo it on meat but loves a hearty ribeye when the occasion is right. Meghan also says that her Los Angeles upbringing gave her an appreciation for fish. Read on to find out what Meghan always brings to dinner parties, and how she stays full while eating clean.

Meghan Wakes Up To Lemon Water Instead Of Coffee


Delish reports that when Meghan was filming Suits, she would have to be ready to go by 4:15 in the morning! While many of us would be crawling to the coffee machine, Meghan chose the healthier option of lemon water to get her day going.

The acidity in lemon water can help keep your digestion running smoothly, which can be vital when your sleep schedule is thrown for a loop. Plus, the vitamins keep your immune system flourishing and your skin looking radiant.

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