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These Frozen Meals Are Dietitian-Approved For Taste And Nutrition

Frozen meals are one of the most convenient options for those with a busy lifestyle. However, they also don’t have the best reputation since the ingredients can be riddled with preservatives and lack taste. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands that offer options even dietitians are enthused about. Whether you’re looking for low-carb Italian, veggie-filled Mexican, or Chinese that tastes like takeout, we’ve got you covered. From established health brands like Amy’s Kitchen to more discrete ones, like Rising Moon, these are the frozen foods dietitians say they love.

Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken Tastes Like Takeout

Trader Joe’s

Registered dietitian Robin Plotkin swears that Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken tastes closer to Chinese takeout than just about any other frozen meal she’s found. With such an impressive taste, you would expect the ingredients to throw any diet out the window.

But that’s the best part: there are only 6 grams of sugar in each serving and 330 mg of sodium (about a sixth of your daily serving). The dish is also low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Though the dish does have 16 grams of fat, only 3.5 of them are saturated fat.

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